Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Sound Of Music Live! [2013]

[Originally posted on Facebook on December 17, 2013]

The hills are alive with the sound of mediocrity.

Let me say this right away: the singing and the sets of this play/movie/tv special/attempt-at-Broadway-revival were great. The comedy comes partially from the amazingly out-dated and cheesy choreography (bobbing heads under a bed, people) and mostly from some really impressively poor acting, the prime culprit being our star, Carrie Underwood. Everything she said sounded fake. Parts appeared to be arranged in order to keep her singing so we wouldn't be subject to her attempts at emoting. Throw in at least one or two terrible child actors with migraine-inducing voices, a 16-year-old clearly fooling around with a 37-year-old in shorts and knee socks, and Stephen Moyer being stoic and broody (and undead . . . I think) and you have the rest of the silly. Christian Borle and Laura Benanti were a bit too good for the production and Audra McDonald kicked ass although her facial expressions had us laughing. Overall, it was only okay as a production but definitely worth watching for the unintentional comedy (the intentional comedy falls flat most of the time).

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