Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Eddie [1996]

[Originally posted on Facebook on November 30, 2013]

Movie Town has yet to let us down when it comes to finding movies on VHS that look like genuine crap before you even read the description on the back. Just from the cover of "Eddie" we knew it was about Whoopi Goldberg coaching basketball but while some of us theorized that it would be down-on-their-luck kids, it turned out to actually be the down-on-their-luck New York Knicks. Don't worry though, poor kids or professional adults, the plot is exactly the same so you may as well go to sleep. That is, if you can sleep over Whoopi's obnoxiously wailing sense of humor. And it's that same humor that she displays during a free-throw competition during a game that encourages the hick who bought the team to just HAND her the position of coach. More painful and boring than funny but not quite the worst thing we've ever sat through.

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