Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Q: Why the heck do you want to watch bad movies?
A: Because it's fun! Bad movies can often provide far more unintentional comedy than any other kind of movie out there. Plus, when you're watching them in a room full of people as hilarious as we are, the mocking can be just as enjoyable as the film itself. See: Mystery Science Theater 3000 if you are still confused.

Q: What do you consider a bad movie?
A: There are a lot of different types of bad movies. There are the big budget flops, the low budget shlock, the personal stories driven by one person's vision with no one to tell them no, the rip-offs of big budget movies in the hope of making a quick buck, the movies made by people who have no idea how to make movies, and everything in between. General signs of a bad movie include but are not limited to: lazy or overblown acting, poor editing, confusing or pointless plot, directional choices that make watching painful, crappy effects, etc.

Q: Isn't making fun of someone's work kind of mean?
A: Have you never laughed at a stupid song lyric? Or looked at a painting and wondered how that got into a museum? Critiquing is a part of life. On some level, we respect the fact that movies like this can exist. Or at least we respect the low budget movies that were made from sheer determination to tell a story. We respect the Ed Woods of the world. We have very little respect for the big budget remakes and rip offs which are clearly made just to make cash.

Q: How does a typical Bad Movie Night go down?
A: We meet up every Monday at Sarah and Adam's house. Someone brings food like chicken or sandwiches or Chinese or Sarah makes dinner and we all take some before settling down for the feature presentation. Tea is made. We occasionally start off with a pre-show of a bad music video, a vintage PSA, or some other silly video we find on YouTube. Then we watch, shouting out comments when we want and after there is usually a brief discussion before parting ways. Sometimes we have to vote on a movie first and sometimes someone has already picked one out. We used to rotate the picking every week but people started getting tapped out of films so now it's pretty much just bring something if you have it. If we have absolutely nothing, Adam has a backlist of options and $10 50 packs of horror, gladiator, karate, and sci-fi films to pick from.

Q: Do you have a rating system?
A: Yes. We give each film a Spoon Rating which indicates how unintentionally hilarious it is. The scale is from one to ten with one meaning "not funny at all" and ten meaning "as funny as The Room."
0 - 3 = Don't bother watching.
4 - 4.5 = Debatable. Some think it's worth watching once and others think it isn't worth watching.
5 - 6 = Worth watching once.
7 = Borderline rewatch.
7.5 - 10 = Potential rewatch.

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