Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kickboxer [1989]

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Last Monday we watched what I believe is the fourth Van Damme movie since Bad Movie Night started: "Kickboxer." Since this movie is about 75% filler, it's impossible for me to give a summary without explaining the entire movie. Van Damme is American (as always and inexplicably) and after his brother wins a kickboxing championship he decides to go to Thailand to fight Tong Po, the undefeated champion of Thailand. He gets paralyzed so Van Damme decides to learn Muay Thai from a master so he can avenge his brother. There are a few disposable side characters who contribute nothing but mostly the film is Van Damme training among the beautiful scenery of Bangkok. And in case you didn't get enough training montages the first time, there's also a ton of sequels and a planned reboot coming soon. All in all, "Bloodspot" is funnier and has slightly more plot if you want an 80s Van Damme fighting movie but at least there's plenty of hilarious Van Damme faces as he tries so very hard to emote.

"I'm in the best ship of my life! I'm a butter fighter!" (transcribed phonetically from Van Damme's dialogue)
"GOODBYE TO BUGS" (the last thing listed in the credits without explanation)

Adam's Grandma's Review: "Wasn't bad."

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