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The Neighbors: Episodes Two - Four [2015]

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With the remaining three episodes of "The Neighbors" we had some episodes with loose main plots in each episode and then a whole lot of nonsense on the side. Episode two was about Princess Penelope, a British princess, inexplicably coming to live in the apartments because I guess this is a yearly slumming trip for her. Episode three was about throwing a birthday party for Bebe. And episode four was about Charlie going on vacation for a while and putting Ricky Rick in charge of the building with Bebe's sister Crazy Suzy coming in later. Each of these plots only took up a small portion of the episode since the rest was filled with shouting matches and sex-free porno scenes. The first episode really set the standard. Adam has come to the conclusion that the apartment is actually a brothel and we're all inclined to agree.

As for things of note, we have had a couple interesting new discoveries and developments about the show and also, Tommy Wiseau's sense of humor (it is so much easier to write about a Wiseau production in list form):
  • Charlie (Wiseau #1) ends pretty much every scene he's in with the phrase "What a day!" Sometimes Bebe does it too. When Ricky Rick (Wiseau #2) took over the apartment he said it and then quickly added, "That's what Charlie would say!" as if this would somehow suspend our disbelief.
  • While everyone in the first episode kept talking about chicken, in episode two and occasionally from that point on people kept talking about ice cream. This seems to show that Tommy Wiseau only has the barest grasp of the concept of theme but darn it he's going to try.
  • In every scene where the tenants gather together there is one girl who we think we have never seen before. One time she introduced herself as Trish and had a Southern-ish accent but often we are not so lucky. The large cast is at least 25% blandly attractive brunette girls and they seem to switch out often. Some other characters you literally only see once and then never again even if they are more memorable.
  • Speaking of this, the only other seemingly ongoing subplot in these episodes was about Philadelphia (perpetually bikini-clad girl) having a crush on Patricia (possibly the other bikini-clad girl in episode one but she always wears clothes now). Philly insists she's not gay. Patricia essentially says, "Whatever. I am." Either way they both have a three-way with stoner Troy (who lives in room 420) because porno.
  • Before Charlie is going to leave on his trip to Hawaii, some of the tenants gather in his office to sing "Frere Jacques" to him. Why? Are they finally admitting that Wiseau knows French? Wouldn't it make more sense if he was going on a trip to a French-speaking place? Why a nursery rhyme? They didn't even do it in rounds. 
  • They actually showed that the characters are aware of the fact that they live in a porno building. Ed, the handyman, tells Ricky Rick that if he wants to have sex with a random person all he has to do is go to the laundry room at a certain time.
  • And finally, in the last post I mentioned that Ed wears Tommy Wiseau brand underwear. In episode two, Charlie and Bebe comment on his tank top and he tells them he gets all his shirts and underwear from which is in fact a real site where you can buy these things as well as Ricky Rick's letterman jacket. If you want to see a gif of Tim and Ricky Rick playing catch with a basketball while the theme loops eternally, click on the "Neighbors" tab at the top.
Will there be more of this show in the future? No one knows yet. Obviously it got terrible reviews from people who have probably never seen "The Room". I honestly think that as long as Wiseau has the money, he will always be providing the world with his particular brand of crazy in one form or another. It might not be more of this show but gosh it will be something.

QuoteA Classic Piece of Wiseau Dialogue: "I heard you got a gun for free and didn't pay anything!"

Adam's Grandma's Review: "I can't think."

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