Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Room: Rifftrax [2009]

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With our semi-annual viewing of "The Room" we decided to mix it up a little bit by watching the film with a Rifftrax. While we are usually more than capable of providing our own witty commentary, we've watched "The Room" twice since we started Bad Movie Night and have heard each other's jokes before so we decided to instead hear it from the professionals. If you haven't heard of Rifftrax, I suggest you check it out. The guys from "Mystery Science Theater 3000", a show that many attribute to the rise in bad movie watching, make audio commentary tracks to be played along with movies, many of which are big-budget films that are perfect for mocking or bad movie cult classics that became popular after the end of "MST3K."

There's not much to say about this viewing since if you really want to know more about "The Room" itself, you can just go back and read the post I wrote about it the last time we watched it here, but I will say this: after watching all those episodes of "The Neighbors" the real quality of the film making of "The Room" by comparison is a startling and welcome change.

Next Monday will not be another Wiseau feature but will probably be a film featuring Robert Z'dar as he just passed away this week. We know him best from "Samurai Cop" but he has apparently starred in tons of silly cult movies so it seems fitting that we should find another one.

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