Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WolfCop [2014]

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Sometimes bad movies are a bit too self aware and try too hard to be ridiculous. This movie is trying rather hard to be a cult classic which seems to be a phenomenon that will come along more and more ever since the popularity of "Sharknado." Don't get me wrong; it was still entertaining and silly but with the increasing acceptability of enjoying bad movies, the genuine, unintentional bad movie might start to become a thing of the past since anyone unsatisfied with their finished product can just claim that it was supposed to be funny.

"WolfCop", yes that's the correct way to write it, takes place in a small hick Canadian town which has a yearly event called the "Drink and Shoot" which really says it all honestly. Of course, they also have a store called "Liquor Donuts" which Keith pointed out would be better named "Drunkin' Donuts". Our main character is a raging alcoholic cop who is constantly being asked to check up on the town conspiracy theorist and spends a lot of time trying to boink the bartender at the local watering hole. Until one day he ends up in the forest, blacks out, wakes up with an upside down pentagram on his chest, and later turns into a wolfman. Alcohol is a helluva drug. Since the conspiracy theorist is seemingly the only person who is chill with this change, they pimp a car and do some vigilante justice, as you do, before the wolfman gets laid by the bartender in a scene that makes most people look away and furries declare it the best movie ever. So why is any of this happening? Evil town ritual mostly everyone is in on that correlates with the solar eclipse. What else really?

Other fun things of note: this is the second time I've gotten to use the "penis birth" tag (I won't go into detail there), there's a character listed as "Pee Punk", and before the credits it said that "WolfCop II" would be coming in 2015. Quite confident. Unfortunately, I could not find a video of the theme song but that also exists.

"Hey, you got any books on devil worship?"

[on upside down pentagram symbols in the woods]
"Heavy metal?"
". . . Lead? . . . Mercury?"

Adam's Grandma's Review: "For bad movie night, bad."

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