Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Controller [2008]

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This movie is basically what happens if you make "Saw" focused on one victim and base his wife's survival on a video game. The most notable thing about it has nothing to do with the movie itself and everything to do with our experience of watching it: Keith managed to predict the ending right at the beginning of the plot layout. And it was one of those predictions that made us all go, "That seems really likely but is the movie really going to just do that." It did. It was lame.

The film is centered around a billionaire owner of a video game company who constantly laments that he's tired of winning. Let us all play the world's smallest violin for him. He wakes up on the day of his wedding anniversary to find his wife missing and his old office turned into a gamer room. An ominous voice on the phone tells him he must play the game he owns and successfully defeat it without dying in order to save his wife. One problem: he has never played the game or seemingly any video game for that matter. He recruits a team of the top five players in the country: guy number one who has an interaction with a cop that has the dialogue and music of a porno, your typical Mountain Dew basement dweller, a guy who works for the company and gets distracted by his wife looking for sex, a stay at home dad who gets distracted by his kids, and a Duke University student. He offers them each a million dollars to help him. The movie from there has even less of the excitement of watching someone else play a video game because at least you could watch funny people play. Also, the graphics are only slightly better than "Foodfight." They win, of course, and it turns out the wife set the whole thing up because she wanted to give his life some "fun". He somehow isn't mad at her for this stunt and ends up becoming a player with the crew who helped him.

This movie is weak. The bland acting is sometimes funny but a lot of the attempts at humor are cringe-y, the plot is kind of stale, and there really wasn't enough "WHAT" to make it worth your time. 

Spoon Rating: 2

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