Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Miami Connection [1987]

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Bad martial arts movies are kind of a dime a dozen. But what about a movie about black-belt, crime-fighting, orphan college students who are also in a band?

"Miami Connection" is a curiously named film as it mainly takes place in Orlando where our five protagonists go to school at the University of Central Florida even though they are all at least in their 30s. These five guys have a bond held together by their black belts in taekwondo, their status as roommates and band members of Dragon Sound, and their mutual lack of parents. Generally the movie follows the guys trying to fight a group they simply call "Ninjas" who are involved in some cocaine ring but in between lengthy fight scenes we get full-length Dragon Sound songs that sound like the themes to children's television programs with titles like "Friends" and "Against The Ninja." The action is broken up somewhat by a subplot about how one of the orphans has found evidence that his father is alive which he explains in one of the best crying scenes ever and a subplot about the one girl in the band who is friends with one of the guys in spite of being the sister of a Ninja. The brother's response to this is so dramatic ("FRIENDS?!") you would think he might be happier to know they were just having sex.

Perhaps one of the most curious things about this film actually comes at the very end of the movie when the audience is treated to white words on a black screen that read, "Only through the elimination of violence can we achieve world peace," a really out-of-place sentiment considering that the entire film is about a bunch of guys fighting and even killing the members of a drug empire.

This is friendship.

(transcribed from Y.K. Kim's dialogue): "I just got the job from Asian. Don't bottle us."
"He's in that club every night with his darn gang selling their stupid cocaine."

Adam's Grandma's Review: "It was good. It had a little bit of everything."

Enjoy the sweet sounds of Dragon Sound:

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