Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Welcome [2007]

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It's been three weeks since a Bad Movie Night post and with good reason. One of those weeks Adam and Sarah were on vacation in Boston. The other two weeks were spent watching this Bollywood comedy "Welcome." Usually we try to avoid comedies because deliberately trying to make the audience laugh usually ends up more painful than actually funny and there are fewer opportunities for unintentional comedy, but after covering the "Singham" films we needed a different Bollywood genre. Critically, this movie got mixed reviews but it came unironically recommended by one of Sarah's coworkers who thinks it's really funny. It also has a sequel called "Welcome Back" which we will not be watching because this one was not enjoyable enough to warrant us wanting more.

The plot of this movie is actually surprisingly simple considering it's three hours long. Rajiv, boy from a decent, normal family, falls for Sanjana, a girl from a crime family. The normal relatives do not want to the marriage to happen so the boy and girl try to get her brother and his fellow gangster to pursue decent careers with the influence of Ishika, a girl they hired to make them fall in love with her. That's it really. There are a lot of hijinks. The courting of Sanjana by Rajiv takes over a half hour in itself. Towards the end there's a lot of nonsense when Sanjana accidentally shoots the boss's son, ironically named Lucky, and there's a whole "I'm Not Dead Yet" series of body swapping with a funeral pyre (Adam: "This guy's gonna pull a Denethor"). This also eats up about a half hour of the film. The climax of the film culminates in all the characters together in the boss's unstable house playing a murder version of hot potato while government brokers try to push the house off a cliff and solve their crime problem and their housing violation problem at once. The twenty minutes of them trying to escape the house that's suspended over a cliff are mindless.

The film had some redeeming qualities. Music numbers never fail to amuse us for instance. We are always able to amuse each other when we have ridiculous content to base jokes off of. There are a lot of misplaced sound effects that feature Adam's least favorite instrument in existence: the slide whistle. Our subtitles kept saying "rascal" when the actors were literally saying "bastard." We weren't bored. But we've seen better.

And if you're wondering if there's an awful ear-wormy theme song, you're in luck.
Spoon Rating: 4.5

Note: Grandma is currently in a nursing home. It is unclear whether she will be able to return to Bad Movie Night for her poignant reviews.

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